2019 1st Round Draft Results

Joaunte Knight

1. Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray

QB, University of Oklahoma
5’10”, 207lbs
IG: @kyler1murray
Twitter: @TheKylerMurray

Kyler Murray was already the predicted 1st overall pick. Although it was a pick that everyone believed to be locked in, the Cardinals took their time. One of the concerns for Kyler Murray was his size as he is only 5′ 10″ 207lbs. (Most Quarterbacks that are selected as the first pick stand over 6 feet tall.) Murray’s selection made history as back-to-back first overall picks were Quarterbacks from the same school. Baker Mayfield preceded Murray in the 2018 NFL Draft being drafted to the Cleveland Browns.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Nick Bosa

DE, Ohio State University
6’4″, 266 lbs
IG: @nbsmallerbear
Twitter: @nbsmallerbear

3. New York Jets

Quinnen Williams

DT, University of Alabama
6’3″, 303lbs
IG: @thequinnenwilliams
Twitter: @QuinnenWilliams

4. Oakland Raiders

Clelin Ferrell

DE, Clemson University
6’4″, 264 lbs
Instagram: @missiledreaming
Twitter: @Cle_Missile

Considered the first major surprise of the draft, Ferrell was projected to be a mid-to-late pick in the first round. Concerns surrounding Ferrell are his lack of elite speed and the disappointment of Clemson pass rushers in the past.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Devin White

Inside Linebacker, LSU
6’0″, 237 lbs
Instagram: @devinwhite_40

6. New York Giants

Daniel Jones

QB, Duke University
6’5″, 221 lbs
Instagram: @danieljones3
Twitter: @Daniel_Jones10

All that can be said is……Giants fans are not happy. With that said, review our notable tweets below.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Allen

DE, Kentucky
6’5″, 262 lbs
Instagram: @joshallen41
Twitter: @JoshAllen41_

8. Detroit Lions

TJ Hockenson

TE, Iowa
6’5″, 251 lbs
Instagram: @theehock8
Twitter: @TheeHOCK8

9. Buffalo Bills

Ed Oliver

DT, University of Houston
6’2″ 287 lbs
Instagram: @edoliver_11
Twitter: @edoliver_11

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

Devin Bush

ILB, Michigan
5’11”, 234 lb
Instagram: @dbush_10
Twitter: @_Dbush11
*via trade with Denver Broncos

11. Cincinnati Bengals

Jonah Williams

OT, Alabama
6’5″, 302 lbs
Instagram: @jonahgwilliams
Twitter: @JonahGWilliams

12. Green Bay Packers

Rashan Gary

DE, Michigan
6’4″, 277 lbs
Instagram: @rashanagary
Twitter: @RashanAGary

13. Miami Dolphins

Christian Wilkins

DT, Clemson
6’3″, 315 lbs
Instagram: @cwilkins42
Twitter: @cwilkins42

The same energy this player exerts off the field is the energy to be expected when he is on the field.

14. Atlanta Falcons

Chris Lindstrom

OG, Boston
6’4″, 308 lbs
Instagram: @big_fish68
Twitter: @Big_Fish75

This was not a popular pick for the Atlanta fan base.

15. Washington Redskins

Dwayne Haskins

QB, Ohio State
6’3″, 231 lbs
Instagram: @dh_simba7
Twitter: @dh_simba7

Haskins was passed up as the Giants’ 6th overall pick for Duke Quarterback, Daniel Jones. As a Washington Redskin, he will have two opportunities to make them regret their decision.

16. Carolina Panthers

Brian Burns

DE, Florida State
6’5″, 249 lbs
Instagram: @brianburns99
Twitter: @Fire_Burns99

17. New York Giants

Dexter Lawrence

DT, Clemson
6’5″, 342 lbs
Instagram: @dexterlawrence18
Twitter: @llawrence2139
*via Cleveland Browns

The Giant’s pick make it the first time in history that three Clemson players are selected in the first round. However, the disappointment surrounding this pick on behalf of the Giants’ fan base comes from Lawrence being the first drafted player from the OBJ trade. The Giants picked up Jabril Peppers and they still have a third round pick to follow.

18. Minnesota Vikings

Garrett Bradbury

C, NC State
6’3″, 306 lbs
Instagram: @garrett_bradbury
Twitter: @Gbradbury_11

19. Tennessee Titans

Jeffery Simmons

DT, Mississippi State
6’4″, 305 lbs
Instagram: @jsimmons_94
Twitter: @GrindSimmons94

This big moment for Simmons may be overshadowed by the video ESPN felt was important to share. Very little was said about the pick or how he fits in with the Titans organization. We’ll note that the 19th overall pick had 157 tackles, seven sacks, four forced fumbles and six passes defensed in three seasons.

20. Denver Broncos

Noah Fant

TE, Iowa
6’4″, 249 lbs
Instagram: @nrfant
Twitter: @nrfant
*via trade with Pittsburgh Steelers

Fant’s selection makes history as he and teammate, TJ Hockenson make it the first time two Tight Ends from the same school are drafted in the first round.

21. Green Bay Packers

Darnell Savage Jr.

S, Maryland
5’11”, 198 lbs
Instagram: @darnellsavage_
Twitter: @darnellsavage_
*via trade with Seattle Seahawks

22. Philadelphia Eagles

Andre Dillard

OT, Washington State
6’5″, 315 lbs
Instagram: @andredillard_
Twitter: @AndreDillard_
*via trade with Baltimore Ravens

The Eagles traded up to swipe Dillard right before Houston Texans. Dillard is the first ever Washington State Lineman to come off the board in the first round.

23. Houston Texans

Tytus Howard

OT, Alabama State
6’5″, 322 lbs
Instagram: @tytushoward58
Twitter: @levelstothis_2

24. Oakland Raiders

Josh Jacobs

RB, Alabama
5’10”, 220 lbs
Instagram: @iam_joshjacobs
Twitter: @iAM_JoshJacobs
*via Chicago Bears

25. Baltimore Ravens

Marquise Brown

WR, Oklahoma
5’9″, 166 lbs
Instaram: @primetime_jet
Twitter: @Primetime_jet
*via trade with Philadelphia Eagles

Cousin of Antonio Brown. We’ll see how he does this season.

26. Washington Redskins

Montez Sweat

LB, Mississippi State
6’6″, 260 lbs
Instagram: @_tez9
Twitter: @_sweat9
*via trade with Indianapolis Colts

There were several mentions of why the prospect’s stock fell, all of which surrounding his health as he was diagnosed with a heart issue called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy . However, prior to the draft, it began to spread that Sweat was misdiagnosed. There is some excitement within the Redskins fan base as this pick follows their 15th overall pick, QB Dwayne Haskins. Both Redskins’ picks fell lower than expected, but both plan to show everyone how they messed up.

27. Oakland Raiders

Johnathan Abram

S, Mississippi State
5’11”, 205 lbs
IG: @thejabram
Twitter: @JohnathanAbram1
*via Chicago Bears

28. Los Angeles Chargers

Jerry Tillery

DT, Notre Dame
6’7″, 295 lbs
Instagram: @jerrytillery
Twitter: @JerryTillery

29. Seattle Seahawks

L.J. Collier

6’2″, 283 lbs
Instagram: @ljcollier_4
Twitter: @ljcollier91
*via Kansas City

30. New York Giants

Deandre Baker

CB, Georgia
5’11”, 193 lbs
Instagram: @drebaker1
Twitter: @DreBaker1_
*via Seattle Seahawks

31. Atlanta Falcons

Kaleb McGary

OT, Washington
6’7″, 317 lbs
Instagram: @kalebmcgary
Twitter: @KalebMcgary
*via Los Angeles Ram

32. New England Patriots

N’Keal Harry

WR, Arizona State
6’2″, 228 lbs
Instagram: @nkealharry
Twitter: @NkealHarry15

Notable Tweets

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