Quick Profile: Andreaz “Greedy” Williams

Michael Lipscomb

Greedy Williams – LSU, Cornerback

6’3, 183 lbs
Classification: Redshirt Sophomore (Junior)
High School: Calvary Baptist Academy, Shreveport, LA

2018 Stats – 33 tackles (23 solo) 2 interceptions, 9 Passes deflected
2017 Stats – 38 tackles (26 solo) 6 interceptions, 11 Passes deflected

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If you were to ask any defensive coordinator, they would tell you there is nothing like having an elite Cornerback on a defense. Having that one player that can matchup against an elite Wide Receiver, is an incredibly valuable asset in the NFL. LSU has a history of crafting defensive backs that perform well in the league. Patrick Peterson, Tre’Devious White, and Morris Claiborne are a few examples of LSU Cornerbacks that have made an impact on Sundays. Greedy Williams is next in line to be another great NFL Corner. Standing at 6’3” and 183 lbs, Williams has the size to matchup with the biggest of receivers on the outside. Williams has the athleticism to pair with his size, running a 4.37 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine. His speed and quickness should allow him to compete in the slot against smaller receivers too. Williams uses his length and quickness to excel in both man and zone coverages. Williams also showed a knack as a a ball hawk, registering 8 interceptions in his final two seasons as an LSU Tiger. The one area of concern with Williams is a major one. He showed little to no physicality in run support. Bad tackling is a red flag for any defensive prospect. That aspect of his game will cause him to slide on draft day. Williams has the coverage ability of a Top 10 draft pick, but an incomplete game will cause front office personnel to hesitate on Draft Day. Who will land the highest ranked Cornerback in this draft?

My Take
Greedy Williams is the best Cover Corner in this year’s draft. He was tasked with plenty of responsibility, playing as the #1 Corner on that LSU defense. Williams was tasked with playing both the left, and right, Cornerback spots during his time at LSU. Williams was also asked to lineup in the slot on certain plays. Coaches will ask their trusted defensive players to move around in the secondary in order to create better matchups for their defense. You may see some corners struggle with this responsibility, but not Williams. His versatility is a big reason I think teams should be eager to draft him. In terms of pure coverage ability, you will not find many prospects better than Williams. His instincts, patience, and play recognition skills are elite. He is always in position, and you would be lucky to catch him getting beat on a double move. In press coverage, Williams is technically sounds and uses his athletic ability to disrupt routes. When playing man to man coverage, Williams does a good job of getting his hands on the offensive player without drawing a penalty. His long arms, combined with his technique, allow him to contest almost any pass that is thrown his way. In zone coverage, he is disciplined with his assignments and does not take unnecessary risks often. Williams keeps his eyes on the Quarterback in zone, and it allows him to break on the football and make plays once the pass is in the air. The tackling issues are relevant. Not every Cornerback needs to be a “thumper”, but there are plays where he avoids contact altogether. Williams also needs to be more physical with blockers when engaging them. All defensive players have to play with a certain level of physicality, or teams will run the ball right at them. Williams has got to improve in run support if he wants to be an elite Cornerback in the NFL. I don’t think the lack of physicality comes from fear, as Williams did not back down when playing against Ole Miss in 2018. Williams went right at D.K. Metcalf all game, holding Metcalf to just 3 catches, 37 receiving yards, and 0 touchdowns. Greedy Williams plays with the confidence and swagger of a lockdown corner. His coverage ability outweighs his problems in run support, and I believe he will develop into a star Cornerback at the pro level. I believe Greedy Williams will get selected with one of the the mid to late draft picks in the first round of the NFL draft.

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